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    Default Eiichiro Oda's One Piece Appreciation & Discussion


    Just preaching the word of the man, the myth, the legend, THE GOD HIMSELF, Eiichiro Oda and his opus; One Piece! Yes, it's incredibly long (900+ episodes and chapters) but it's possibly the greatest feat of consistent and masterful worldbuilding in contemporary graphic literature, period. AND YOU CAN @ ME ON THAT! New and wanna start? you can ask anything! if you have already read, Who are your favorite characters? favorite Devil Fruit? most hated arc? most hated character? favorite mystery? favorite theory? whatever! whether you're up to date, fell off, or just curious, let's discuss ONE PIECE!

    East Blue Saga
    1-1. Romance Dawn Arc (Manga Chapters 1-7)
    1-2. Orange Town Arc (Manga Chapters 8-21)
    1-3. Syrup Village Arc (Manga Chapters 22-41)
    1-4. Baratie Arc (Manga Chapters 42-68)
    1-5. Arlong Park Arc (Manga Chapters 69-95)
    1-6. Loguetown Arc (Manga Chapters 96-100)

    Alabasta Saga
    2-1. Reverse Mountain Arc (Manga Chapters 101-105)
    2-2. Whiskey Peak Arc (Manga Chapters 106-114)
    2-3. Little Garden Arc (Manga Chapters 115-129)
    2-4. Drum Island Arc (Manga Chapters 130-154)
    2-5. Alabasta Arc (Manga Chapters 130-154)

    Sky Island Saga
    3-1. Jaya Arc (Manga Chapters 218-236)
    3-2. Skypiea Arc (Manga Chapters 237-302)

    Water 7 Saga
    4-1. Long Ring Long Land Arc (Manga Chapters 303-321)
    4-2. Water Seven Arc (Manga Chapters 322-374)
    4-3. Enies Lobby Arc (Manga Chapters 375-430)
    4-4. Post-Enies Lobby Arc (Manga Chapters 431-441)

    Thriller Bark Saga
    5-1. Thriller Bark Arc (Manga Chapters 442-489)

    Summit War Saga
    6-1. Sabaody Archipelago Arc (Manga Chapters 490-513)
    6-2. Amazon Lily Arc (Manga Chapters 514-524)
    6-3. Impel Down Arc (Manga Chapters 525-549)
    6-4. Marineford Arc (Manga Chapters 550-580)
    6-5. Post-War Arc (Manga Chapters 581-597)

    Fishman Island Saga
    7-1. Return to Sabaody Arc (Manga Chapters 598-602)
    7-2. Fishman Island Arc (Manga Chapters 603-653)

    Dressrosa Saga
    8-1. Punk Hazard Arc (Manga Chapters 654-699)
    8-2. Dressrosa Arc (Manga Chapters 700-801)

    Yonko Saga
    9-1. Zou Arc (Manga Chapters 802-824)
    9-2. Whole Cake Island Arc (Manga Chapters 825-902)
    9-3. Reverie Arc (Manga Chapters 903-908
    9-4. Wano Country Arc (Manga Chapters 909- )


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    Ohh, that's a lots of questions. Let's see.

    Favourite characters: Just of the top of my head, Luffy, Zoro, Law, Nico Robin, Mihawk, Whitebeard and Aokiji/Kuzan.

    Favourite devil fruit: I like the ones that are a bit more esoteric, like Law's ope ope no mi and Doflamingo's ito ito no mi. But Oda can make just about any power cool and fun to behold, no matter how weird it is.

    Most hated arc: ...hmm, I like most of them and I don't really hate any of them. The one I like the least though it probably the Whole Cake Island arc. It has good elements and some cool new characters, but it felt like a chaotic mess most of the time and I never really like the aesthetics of the area. So yeah, Whole Cake Island is the arc I like the least.

    Most hated character. Caribou sucks. That's all he's ever done. I don't get why he's still around. There's nothing charming, endearing, funny or cool about this character. He's a waste of space and screentime.

    Favourite mystery: Who the frick is Luffy's mother? I really hope she's some badass lady on par with Dragon or Big Mom, but she's just staying out of all the nonsense so the marines have no idea she even exists while she's just travelling the seas at her own leisure.

    I'm not actually that familiar with a lot of theories for the series. So I don't have any ones I particularly like.

    But yeah, I love this series. Have since the manga got published in Sweden, or at least from volume 9 and onward. That's when it really seared itself into my heart and mind. And I'm all for attempting another discussion thread for it.

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    I started reading One Piece in my teenage years but fell off in college. I just started to hate shonen anime and some of its more tiresome tropes. Ironically that's when I started getting into Marvel/DC and American comics.

    I actually got caught up recently and refound my love for it. If Netflix had the anime I'd rewatch here and there. I actually got a new appreciation for Luffy when I got caught up and Sanji's Germa 66 stuff was masterful.

    Right now I'd say my favorites are Law and Sabo but I have a soft spot for Usopp. Forget Naruto and Sasuke, Luffy and Ussop's fight in Water 7 broke me. A lot of shonens are about friendship but One Piece is the best at it. It could teach Kingdom Hearts a thing or two.

    I really don't have a hated arc but a few of them could be shorter. The 100+ issue arc can be tiresome an why my apathy for shonen anime started to form.
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    My favorite manga of all time, been hooked since 2009.

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