My idea of how I would have done the transition from NEW52 to Rebirth:

I personally would have liked a simply return to Pre-Flashpoint (some years later after the end of pre-flashpoint) and including some events like birth of Jonathan Samuel Kent etc.

JL is the same team
Titans: Wally, Donna, Arsenal, Omen, Tempest, Bumblebee,…..

Tims Team:
Conner, Bart, Bunker, Tim, Cassie, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Blue Beetle, Static,…

Tims Team is aged up (20+) so they quit being the Teen Titans and change their Code-Names:
Cassie from Wonder Girl to Amaxon Thunder (like her Earth 3 counterpart)
Conner from Superboy to Saviour or so
Tim stays Red Robin
Bart from Kid Flash to Red Lightning
They stay together but give their team a new Name like Wolfes or so….. and get a new tower in San Francisco which is different to the Titans Tower.

Conner, Bart, Tim and Cassie move in a house in Hawaii (since there are too many Bat-Family, Flash-Family and Super-Family members in their hometowns) in order to have space to create a new life.
I also like to see Conner not only as member of his team and as Solo-Hero, but I like also that he is in an extra-terrestrial team like the Pax Galactica (who should be a bigger team and also include the “HERO” Lantern Corps etc.)

With IC and his time with the TT in history Conner definitely has earned the respect of other heroes and became a legend on his own and he can act as kind of mentor and rolemodel for Damians Generation and like the cool uncle for Jonathan.

So Conner can step out of Clarks shadow and move on (no more living in Smallville, but in Hawaii with his girlfriend/wife Cassie, his best friends Tim and Bart..)

Damians Generation can then take over the teen titans team-name and the codenames of Tims Generation.
Damian as Robin, Wallace as Kid Flash, Crush, Teen Lantern, Jon as Superboy (let him remain at the SuperSons age), Djinn,…..

It would have been a PERFECT way to show how the mantle gets passed to the new generation and that Tims Generation moved on and you have an age difference between Damians and Tims Teams and they are in different locations.
AND with the moving to Hawaii/San Francisco they arent surrounded anymore always by Flash/Superman/Batman and Batfamily...