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    Quote Originally Posted by Superlad93 View Post
    Even if you find an instance of this, it's largely a contained anecdote rather than the norm. Similarly, due to the nature of comics, one can find contained anecdotes on just about anything, but that doesn't make them the norm. The prevailing modern re-contextualization of Clark and the Legion is Johns' take where the point is that they were just his friends and his place to feel comfortable with himself.
    I mean, that was personally one of my main takeaways from the Legion cartoon which is is also a prevailing modern re-contexualization of Clark and the Legion in my opinion, and I still think there were elements of it in Johns' take in the mutually beneficial relationship the Legion and Superboy had. But that's just me...
    That's something left up to interpretation, sure, and it's fine if that's how you or anyone else personally want to read it, but it's never emboldened, reinforced, made the norm, or made text as unambiguously as this--if at all.
    The power of subtext .
    But I'm not sitting here acting like there aren't very deliberate parallels and re-imaginings. Of course there are. Bendis, in his own words, hasn't made that a secret at all.
    It was also pretty clear from the beginning the way Bendis was setting up putting Jon with the Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    But that's just me...
    I don't agree, but if that's how you see it that's cool.

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    Is it just me, or did Cosmic Boy look white? I thought he was Asian now.

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