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    Default Deadpool becomes crazy?

    So I know that Deadpool has always been nuts. Itís been part of his power set forever, but when did what is now considered the modern day Deadpool start? Iím looking for issues digitally that have hi, being a little more sane. Any thoughts?

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    I'd say Deadpool the circle chase (1993) by Fabian Nicieza was the ground work for modern pool, and later Joe Kelly's run on the first Deadpool ongoing cemented him. I think you can find both in the first two Deadpool Essentials books.
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    Deadpool was always crazy and wisecracking, but it took a long time for him to become the popculture spouting fourthwall breaking motormouth we know now.

    I think "modern" Deadpool didn't start until much later he got two different narration boxes and argued with them. This was ... sometimes after Cable and Deadpool, but I couldn't tell you exactly when.

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