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    Default DOX: 8 months, 72 issues, 26 by Hickman - Let's Check In!!!

    Originally I was planning on doing this at issue 100, but seeing how everything has been put on hold and we don't know when new comics are coming back, I figured we should take stock of everything that has come out so far. As the title states, Dawn of X started 8 months and 1 day ago. In that time we've had 72 issues, 26 of those penned by our boy Hickman.

    Whether you have enjoyed this era or not, one thing is certain. DOX has been different and unique enough to really get people talking/debating/arguing. And for that I am grateful. I'd rather this era fail trying something different, then just be yet another nostalgia trip like Gold was.

    Thankfully for me, DOX has been a blast. Looking at my spreadsheet I can see that out of the 72 issues released so far, I've rated:

    35 of them between 8-10
    19 of them between 5-7

    (for me, anything 5 and above is worth my money and time)

    18 of them between 1-4, or I did not buy, whether because money was tight, or did not seem interesting.

    That means in the last 8 months I've gotten 54 X issues that I've enjoyed. Which is 72% of the issues released.
    That averages out to 6.75 issues a month that I've been satisfied too elated by. So I couldn't be happier.

    Another layer of excitement for me is that all the new issue 1s that have come out in the last couple of weeks for wave 2, have been top-notch.

    You guys don't have to do the stat work I did, but if you take a bit of time to think on the last 8 months of X, I would love to know how you feel.
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    It was truly the dawn of mutant!

    In fact, I look forward to wednesdays every week because of dox.

    For several years before dox, I felt that x-books were simply wasting the purchasing power of x-readers.
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    72 issues in 8 month? Daaaaamn.

    They gave us a lot of great books, it's a good year for the X-Men!

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    jeez have I really read that many issues? crazy crazy. its been A Time for sure. so glad Hickman lured me back to the x-men

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    It's almost a year anniversary already????? wtfff

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    Sooooo happy with DOX! Even if a random issue here or there has been "weaker", that's been rare for me and I'm still so in love with the entire world that has been created for us!
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    Mostly good for X-Men except of cult stuff and Summers clan as center of X-Men but a complete trash for my favorite characters like Gambit and Rogue.
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    I think with the scope of what they are trying to do it's hard to focus on as many characters as we'd like as fans. Everyone gets their star moments I'm sure, but it's going to take time.

    This has been a wild ride, but man I'm glad for it. The last 5-6 years of Xbooks have been painful. I liked the early Bendis years and that's really been it until now. I'm so happy Weds mornings and these books will help us get through this mess of a year. I'm just sad for the comic shops that can't benefit from the success like they should have.

    As for what I've personally liked... seems like anything Hickman has touched directly has been my highlights. I've gotten bored of X-Force and Excalibur but looking forward to what's looming ahead and tying up some of these weird plot points that were laid during HOXPOX.
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    Damn they gave us 72 issues already??!!!

    I'm loving DoX. I haven't been this hyped for the X-Books in ages. And I'm loving the speculation and discussions that are coming from this run.

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    There is SO MUCH content to LOVE and SO MUCH development that has really enriched and enlivened and rekindled my passion for all things X. Its truly remarkable how this cagey, deliberately aloof yet provocative man has done what he's done. And not only that, but he's done it by apparently using the same old song and dance he did over in the Avengers, by just adding a fresh coat of paint and some swank info graphics.

    Its truly been a wild ride filled with shock and awe.

    Are there things I miss from yester-year?
    Absolutely. Specifically, I would have loved a Mr & Mrs X continuation in this new era of Krakoa, but alas.

    But we really have been blessed with next level art, through and through. And the debates and fervent fandamonium fires are LIT AF.

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    I've not been able to read as many of the books as most of the people in this thread (X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, and X-Men/FF so far). Is anyone willing to do a breakdown of the broad strokes of each story, which ones have been the best, which have contributed the most to the new status quo, and anything else left out? For example, I was originally going to skip X-Force and then Professor X got shot (which I found out about by reading X-Men, which referenced it) so I added that and I've been enjoying it. But there are certainly a lot of books - particularly for someone who doesn't read exclusively X-Books.
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    I've enjoyed this new era quite a lot -- it's got me buying more monthlies than I probably should be buying, frankly. But the worldbuilding done by Hickman is so fascinating that I want to know what's happening even in the books he isn't writing himself.

    Don't know how long I'll keep buying nearly the whole X-line, but I definitely plan on getting the eventual omnibus of Hickman's issues.

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