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    Quote Originally Posted by Aahz View Post
    With most villains dead and batman in jail, the set up for this is not really there.

    I think what ever the 3rd series will be about the Neo Joker will play a role.
    Yeah. Well doesn't have to follow the game (nor should it). After all, it's a brave new world.

    Just a case of - "What does a Batman who has a military background look like?"

    Someone mentioned it's similar to AzBats, which is hard to argue against to a degree, but then other factors come into play.

    Let's wait and see...

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    Yeah, the "Arkham Knight" vibe is just in that it's the only other take that places Jason's "lost years" as a private military operator. We don't know that's the case here, it's just a guess based on his brief appearance and the way that Murphy's been contextualizing what Batman is and how he operates.

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