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    Default Classic Teen Titans vs Classic X-men

    Both are from their first eras in comics.

    Teen Titans: (Wolfman and Perez)
    Robin (Grayson), Flash (Wally), Raven, Starfire, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Beast Boy


    X-men: (Lee and Kirby)
    Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast


    X-men (Wein and Cockrum)
    Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Sunfire, Banshee, Thunderbird 1

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    Pretty sure any of Wally, Donna or Kory could solo against the Lee/Kirby team.

    Donna could probably also solo the Wein/Cockrum team. Not sure whether that era of Kory or Wally could hurt Petey though (but Petey isn't hitting Wally either).

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    Wally takes out everyone but Peter, and the resulting dogpile is too much for him to handle.

    Alternately, Raven deals with Peter pretty decently.
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