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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFacedKid View Post
    She’s honestly my ideal live action Lois Lane
    If we're going on just looks, she's up there with Teri Hatcher for me, but Hatcher is the most attractive woman to play Lois Lane in live action.

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    1) Gal Gadot- Wonder Woman
    2) Amber Heard- Mera
    3) Meagan Good- Darla Dudley
    4) Margot Robbie- Harley Quinn
    5) Karen Fukuhara- Katana
    6) Jurnee Smollett-Bell- Black Canary
    7) Grace Fulton- Mary Marvel

    MEN (DCEU)
    1) Jason Mamoa- Aquaman
    2) Joel Kinnaman- Rick Flagg
    3) Henry Cavill- Superman
    4) Jay Hernandez- El Diablo
    5) Scott Eastwood- GQ
    6) Chris Pine- Steve Trevor
    7) Jai Courtney- Captain Boomerang

    WOMEN (TV)
    1) Erica Durance- Lois Lane
    2) Candice Patton- Iris West
    3) Diane Guerrero- Crazy Jane
    4) Melissa Benoist- Supergirl
    5) Katie Cassidy- Black Canary
    6) Maisie Richardson-Sellers- Vixen
    7) Minka Kelly- Dove

    Men (TV)
    1) Alan Ritchson- Hawk
    2) Matt Bomer- Negative Man
    3) Stephen Amell- Green Arrow
    4) Grant Gustin- The Flash
    5) Brenton Twaites- Nightwing
    6) Nick Zano- Citizen Steel
    6) Joivan Wade- Cyborg
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    In no particular order:
    - Meagan Good (Adult!Darla Dudley)
    - Chris Pine (Steven Trevor)
    - Jason Mamoa (Arthur Curry)
    - Candace Patton (Iris West)
    - Ezra Miller (Barry Allen)

    honorable 6th and 7th spot:
    - Gal Gadot
    - Henry Cavil

    we haven't seen her yet but I know Zoe Kravitz is about to break my list once I see her as Catwoman.
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    1- Margot Robbie
    2- Ember Heard
    3- Melissa Benoist
    4- Amy Adams
    5- Gal Gadot

    1- Christopher Reeve
    2- Arnold Schwarzenegger
    3- Ben Affleck
    4- Michael Keaton
    5- Chris O'donald
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