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    Default The Inuyasha cast are transported to the world of Rifts

    The plot gods have transported every character from Inuyasha into the world of the role-playing game Rifts, to be exact Rifts earth. The gods explain to them everything about the world they are in, the history, the technology, the magic, the supernatural beings, the rifts, and the reason why everything is the way it is. This is after the end of the series, everyone who died is brought back to life for this scenario.

    As fair as the world rifts was before it became what it is now, everyone has a number of the cultures of the old world explained to them, ways of the people, the mythologies, the religions, and so on.

    What happens to the group?

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    From what I can remember, supernatural beings really leveled up on Rifts Earth. I have a mental image of Inuyasha walking off a rocket-powered grenade.

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