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    Default Does anyone here use Discord?

    I love this site and I am having a good time with it. But since I am online a whole hell of a lot these days I wanted to see if anyone on here used the online messaging service Discord? I thought it would be fun to chat more one on one with the people on here. There are a lot of fun people here so I thought I would give it a try. if not thats cool. if the mods dont like the idea of this thread I understand and wont be upset if they take it down.
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    I've been using Discord for a while now. Primarily, I use it as a social extension for Clash of Clans. I run a clan, and we set up a Discord server because it's so much better than the in-game chat feature. We set up different channels on our server; everything from strategies to plain old open chat.

    Discord does have a lot of nice features; I'm still learning.
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