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    Having Hickman writing the whole story would guarantee its consistency.
    On the other hand, fewer characters would have space in these stories.
    I think it's a fair trade, I'm on quality rather than quantity.

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    He's already done over 3 books worth of writing.

    X-Men is ongoing
    New Mutants (4 issues)
    Giant Size X-Men (5 issues)
    Empyre (I think he's writing all 5 issues)
    X of Swords (like 4 issues)

    Despite a lot of the above not even being out yet, he's already had 26 Dawn of X issues published in 8 months, (that averages to just over 3 x-books a month). Having a second ongoing on top of what he's doing would just be silly. Not to mention he's whatever the comic equivalent is to a showrunner. He's guiding DOX and reading over every other book in the line before they're published.

    Frankly, I'm surprised he's not already burnt out.
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    Nah he's better off the way he is now personally I find X-Men to be really hit or miss on occasion.

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