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    Default T-1000 vs Movie Bloodshot

    Who takes the victory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDiggle View Post
    Who takes the victory?
    T-1000 from just movie 2?

    I think Bloodshot. I doubt T-1000 could do more than cosmetic damage to Garrison's regeneration, who pre-upgrade was already a skilled soldier able to dodge when necessary (like when brawling the goon with long cyborg arms), similarly strong to a base model Terminator normally, and when overclocking himself, able to kill punch somebody hard enough to also shake the building they were falling through hard enough to feel like a bomb strike to others, still survive falling to the street like a common Robocop, stop an escaping villain van by impaling it with the cyborg arm of the guy he just killed, and then having enough gas to wade through getting grenade launchered.

    I suspect Garrison would learn he'd need to at worst time a liquid Terminator in order to compromise their ability to workingly reassemble before a technical count loss.

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