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    Quote Originally Posted by j9ac9k View Post
    I'd love to see a de-powered Superman beat up Batman - for the same reason Batman beating Superman was originally dramatic - because there's no way he should be able to so it's interesting to see how he does it.
    That's already happened. World's Finest #192 Superman beats up Batman without any powers. Of course casual comic readers and Batfans doesn't know that this exists.

    The one thing I never understood is how Batman gets beat up by the likes of Penguin, Bouncer and Silver Monkey, but then goes on to fight Superman. At least Captain America vs Hulk makes more sense because you almost never see Cap getting beat up by regular henchmen and thugs.
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    It was interesting and cool in The Dark Knight Returns, and while there's still the occasional cool instance of it every now and then (Injustice), more often it's just...not. Been overused, overdone, done poorly, so often that it should be shelved for a long time unless someone has a very new perspective on it - and that's not freaking likely.

    At this point I'd like to see Batman lose a bit more to Superman just to try and get things a little close to even. And I say this as someone who is just a bit more of a Batman fan than Superman fan (though I'm a huge fan of both, always have been, and much prefer them being actual friends who get along more often than not).

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    I absolutely hate them, it always makes Superman look like a scrub.
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    Given how OP and a jackass Batman is usually written these days it's far more satisfying at this point to me seeing when a writer has Batman get tossed around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeIsILL View Post
    That's already happened. World's Finest #192 Superman beats up Batman without any powers. Of course casual comic readers and Batfans doesn't know that this exists
    IIRC, it was a draw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superduperman View Post
    I think the only people who want to see them fight at all are hard core Batman fans who have a weird hate on for Superman. The only people who keep bringing this up are Batman fans who seem to hate Superman.
    Agreed. Actually, anyone can beat Superman with Kryptonite and some planning. Lex Luthor has done it many times.

    The only way Batman can defeat Superman is by dumbing him down. Yeah no thanks.

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    I genuinely don't care, I'm not sure how much the general audiences care besides the Rocky v Drago of it all. unfortunately DC doesn't understand what made the match up interesting, so instead of taking lessons from what works about it and applying it effectively, and sparingly, to other stories (for other heroes ideally), they do what DC does best; do the same thing with updated paint ad nauseam until the idea is deprived of anything actually compelling.
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