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    Default I feel like Image and the other indie publishers should be more like manga

    In the way they publish anyway. I feel going digital will benefit them more then Marvel and DC since their books donít have decades of continuity to wade through in order to make sense.

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    Wouldn't the decades of continuity actually support the idea of digital being beneficial to DC/Marvel?

    Either way, the manga format would definitely be something I'd be open to.
    Comics were definitely happier, breezier and more confident in their own strengths before Hollywood and the Internet turned the business of writing superhero stories into the production of low budget storyboards or, worse, into conformist, fruitless attempts to impress or entertain a small group of people who appear to hate comics and their creators. -- Grant Morrison, 2008

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    I worry that the numbering would intimidate new readers - I know that when I see One Piece has 90+ volumes at $7 (digital) or $10 (paper) each, I nope right out. Anime/manga nuts might buy $400 sets but that's spendy even for comic book collectors.

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    What exactly would need to change about their current digital strategy? Image books are already on services like ComiXology, and they sell everything DRM-free through their own website too. Do you mean they should publish more often, with shorter weekly chapters? Or publish in black & white to save time and reduce costs?

    I don't read much manga, let alone digitally, so I wonder what the Japanese market is doing correctly and how the Western publishers should follow them?

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