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    Default Karna vs. Quetzalcoatl (Fate)

    I've seen most of the Babylonia anime, gonna binge the last three episodes in a bit and Quetzalcoatl impressed me quite a bit in episode 18. And since she's related to the sun I got interested in seeing how well she matches up against Karna.

    So we've got the Lancer class Karna against the Rider class Quetzalcoatl.

    Who wins?

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    Huh, lot of conditionals here.

    On one hand, when Quetz went all-out, she was still running at only 50% power due to hitting Gorgon's temple with Marduk's Axe. On the other hand, Ritsuka was amping her with Command Seals, and Quetz was acting as a Divine Spirit in a bunrei, so she was amped and she was probably in a stronger body then you could get her in a normal summoning. Depending on the situation, she might also only take half-damage from Good-aligned Servants, which Karna counts as.

    I am assuming that Ruler-Samba-Quetz is not a factor in this, nor her Orbital Present Drops. Of course, that still leaves Orbital Heel Drops.

    Karna has anti-Divine going with at least one of his NPs, impressive enough firepower that Gil is willing to take him seriously, and incredibly strong armor (that locks away his most powerful NP, but.... he should probably try to avoid taking damage from Quetzal-"I'm what happened to the dinosaurs"-coatl). I still need to catch-up on Apocrypha, though.

    If running as Servants, with equal Masters, I would give a slight edge to Karna, as long as he keeps that armor on. The spear should help keep Quetz away as well, so he doesn't get planted by Lucha Goddess. If Karna drops the armor to use his biggest attack, Quetz at least has the chance to tank the hit and counter with her own NP.

    If taken at their strongest in their respective series, I think Quetzalcoatl as a Divine Spirit and one of the duo that killed her pantheon's equivalent of Tiamat runs at a higher overall power level than Karna. This should help Quetz close the skill gap, and give her openings to eventually breakthrough his defenses.

    Of course, if you have access to Quetz's lines in FGO, you know there is a very simple way for this fight to end.

    *Watches as Karna attempts to explain cricket to Quetz as they go off to watch a match. Both are festooned with snacks and penants.*

    Quetzalcoatl, as a Sun God, sees the other sun-related Servants as family. As the son of a Sun God, Karna should be a nephew at worst to Quetz. And she's a good Big Sister, yes, and will definitely treat Karna to some fun activities.


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