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    Default Make a sitcom with typical Rumbles characters

    You've got to pitch a sitcom!

    There's a basic premise that it must follow, but from then, it's up to you.

    The basic premise is as follows:

    - The characters you choose will be playing themselves. So, for example, if you pick Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Spike from the Buffyverse, Peter can't be playing Spike's son. Peter is Peter and Spike is Spike. Squirrel Girl would be Doreen Green. Rocket Raccoon would be Rocket Raccoon etc.
    - The characters are from their own universes and have been thrown together by an interdimensional accident of some sort.

    From there, it's up to you...

    - Which characters are you choosing? (up to 20)
    - What was the interdimensional accident? Who caused it?
    - Where did the characters end up (i.e. what is the setting for your sitcom)?
    - What roles do the characters play (i.e. while Mr. Miyagi can't be Danny Rand's father, he could develop as a father figure of sorts to him in your sitcom)?
    - Why would it be funny?

    Remember, characters must be typical Rumbles types, so no picking Sheldon Cooper, Carlton Banks, Phoebe Buffay and/or Carla Tortelli. Oh and they must all be from different universes.

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    We did Deadpool owning a restaurant with Izumi Curtis being his wife and Sasuke the butt monkey of jokes, yeah.

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