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    Default Ideas for a Spider-Man video game

    My idea would be a game best on Spider-Man TNAS, Spectacular and the one from 1994

    Given how everybody seems to want these three Spider-Man cartoon backs I think a three story game based on of these shows could sell well.

    Basically there are three stories in the game each with 8 levels and shell shading and 3d animation similar to the ones in each show(yes, all of them had 3d environments). They could even have fully animated cutscenes done in the same way as each animated series and yes they could actually bring out the cartoony visuals of the shows. Just look at the vintage costume from Spider-Man 2014.

    As for bosses for each story■

    Spider-Man TNAS
    1 Doctor Octopus
    2 The Pterodax(enemies from the show)
    3 Thousand
    4 Green Goblin Harry Osborn
    5 Dr. Octopus tentacles carrying Octavious dead body(an idea from Spider-Man Reign)

    Spectacular Spider-Man
    1 Sandman
    2 Green Goblin Elimy Osborn(Greg Wieseman actually indeed for her to become a villain in the later seasons so it fits)
    3 Venom alongside Sandman
    4 Wolfman and Lion-man Kraven

    Spider-Man 1994
    1 Morlun
    2 The Rhino
    3 Dr. Octopus
    4 Morlun(stronger)
    5 The Rhino again
    6 The Insidious Six made up of Rhino, Tombstone, Shocker, Vulture, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin and Dr. Octopus(absent)
    7 Morlun(at his strongest)
    8 The Insidious Six minus the Hobgoblin with Dr. Octopus involved.

    Actually came up with a whole story for each section but I can't imagine anybody being interested enough to read all of it.

    What would be your idea for a possible Spidey game?

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    It could be cool to see a Spider-Man video game continuing the world of one of the animated series, especially since the 60s allows for a fun setting, while the other series ended prematurely and could use some kind of narrative resolution.

    I always thought Mark Millar's run can be adapted pretty well into a game, given all the video game style scenarios (IE- ordinary people trying to unmask Spider-Man) as well as the guest-starrs and A-list villain appearances.
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    Spider-Man 94' it is then!


    Spider-Man / Peter Parker
    Mary Jane Watson - Brought back, will not be explained, but brought back.
    Aunt May
    J Jonah Jameson
    Joe Robbie Robertson
    Flash Thompson
    Debra Whitman
    Felicia Hardy - Black Cat will not be in the game, but Felicia Hardy, who was a serviceable supporting character by herself on her own, will be.
    Harry Osborn - Back on the streets, back in the land of sanity, Green Goblin no more, but back to Harry Osborn, one of Pete's best friends.
    The Punisher
    Captain America
    Alistaire Smythe - Sends intel periodically, in mutual agreement with the Wall-Crawler, to take down....

    Main Villain: Kingpin, naturally. The main villain of the 94' cartoon, this game will finally have Spidey finally stopping him, for good, but not before pulling out the big guns

    Other Villains:
    The Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox, Snake Marston, Hammer Harrison) - as was the roster of Kingpin's Enforcers in Spider-Man Adventures #7-8

    Insidious Six - Individually and Collectively -
    Doctor Octopus,
    Vulture (Which yes, he will retain, long-dated 1994-1997 costume / youth, which was also used in cartoon),
    Instead of traitor, Chameleon, let's finally bring in Sandman! The new sixth member, Sandman, in a slightly changed Frightful Four-esque costume, to give it a nineties cartoon appeal!

    Spider Slayers - Kingpin, uncovering a set of unused stashed gigantic Spider Slayers, built during Alistaire Smythe's time with him.

    Green Goblin - Menaces here-and-there. We are to believe, most of the game, he is returned Norman Osborn. But instead, he will revealed to be Jason Phillip Macendale, upping himself from Hobgoblin, but still not from being above his mercenary tendencies, of Goblin-Gliding for whoever pays him the most: Kingpin.

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    Make a free to roam city, like in the GTA series.
    Make crimes happen randomly.
    And control Spidey to Jump from building to building to stop a maximum of those crimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb681131 View Post
    Make a free to roam city, like in the GTA series.
    Make crimes happen randomly.
    And control Spidey to Jump from building to building to stop a maximum of those crimes.
    So pretty much Spider-Man 2 the movie game.

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