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    Default She Hulk movie. How should they do this?

    How would you like this turn out? Plot tone characters etc.
    As for me have Jen and Bruce as close cousins shedding light on Bruce's childhood. Her parents rescued from an abusive father and she is more like a sister. Jen grows up to fight for abused kids on court.
    The film could also tie up loose ends from the 2008 film with leader doc Sampson and abomination returning.
    Your ideas on this?

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    She hulk is getting a disney plus show,not a movie,but she will show up in the mcu films.

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    Really push the humour of Slotts run. Have her as a lawyer. Try to make it solid, good fun.

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    I'm going to second using Slott's run as a template. That's my favorite take on the She-Hulk character out of them all. Maybe throw in some of the surrealist elements of the Byrne series. Throw in some soap opera/rom-com elements, too. Make it a light-hearted, romantic superhero lawyer show, like Ally McBeal with superpowers.

    The worst thing they could do is make it just Hulk, but female.

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    Since they'll probably have her origin in the She-Hulk TV series, for a movie I'd go with Slott's run as a basis.

    Mallory Book, Awesome Andy (who is hopefully introduced as a villain in the TV series), and Pug as prominent supporting cast. Of course she'd still be a lawyer.

    Titania as the villain, maybe with Volcana. Not sure how they'd get their powers unless Fantastic Four already introduces Dr. Doom so they can stay comics-accurate. Otherwise, maybe Nicholas Trask, She-Hulk's original arch-foe in the comics if he appears in/survives the TV show.

    Themes would be the duality of Jen/She-Hulk and how she goes sort of overboard with her partying since her She-Hulk persona is so much flashier and "lovable" than her mousy and shy Jennifer Walters. Identity is such a powerful theme for the character so I'd love to see it explored with nuance (but also humor).

    It would also be beneficial for the She-Hulk movie to poke fun at the ridiculousness of superheroes in general. Maybe across the movie she'd be trying some absurd superhero-themed case, or defending a villain from a previous MCU movie (Sonny Burch or Justin Hammer come to mind).

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    I think using Slott's run as a template, with a focus on the Lawyer part of her life, with the fourth-wall-breaking, humour and overall wackiness of Byrne's run would be the best way to go in my opinion.

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