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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyssane View Post
    The newest issue is further evidence that Palmiotti and Connor don't care a lick about Wondy's established rogues gallery.
    Yeah, skipped this one based on the preview for it.

    It's pretty much become a pattern at this point the non-Connor/Palmiotti issues make better use WW's cast of characters better than theirs do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyssane View Post
    Some random woman named Julian Red.
    Thank you.

    I'm honestly not sure what is worse. Using Batman villains for Wonder Woman titles or creating random one-time rogues. Both are insulting, but one perturbs me more. I'm just not sure which one that is.

    Would it really have been so hard for them to use the Paula Von Gunther, or some other rogue?

    I'll skip this issue, and I'll check back in when actual Wonder Woman villains appear.

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    It's borderline insulting. This title could've been a celebration of classic WW villains and supporting characters, but instead 90% of it is about Bat-villains and some random nobodies. Disgraceful!

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    I have absolutely nothing against new villains in over-and-done stories, if the stories are good.

    Trouble is, #11 didn't have a good story, depending too much on a sudden reveal and info-dump to the reader in order to work. The art didn't manage to sell the action or the characterisation either, and it lacked the humour and levity that is the usual virtue of any story by Conner and Palmiotti.
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