As the title says, there are a few mistakes in the website of the game "Marvel's Realm of Champions", and since I don't know how to tell them, I tell you here in hopes someone will notice them to the Webmasters to fix it.

1) In the "Argardian Republic" map, Nidavellir's information is just a copy of Muspelheim's section. This should be corrected.

2) In the new "Pyramid X" map, the names of Death Lands and War Lands are switched, just like their informations. I mean, Archangel is put as the leader of the "War Lands", but he's actually Death in Apocalypse's Horsemen. So, his territory should be the Death Lands, not War Lands. Likewise, Magneto is put as the leader of the "Death Lands", but described as a "warrior", then he's supposed to be "War". So, his terriroty should be "War Lands", not "Death Lands", as it is close to the Red Sands Desert.

Did you noticed these errors?