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    Default Them Games You Watch

    But don't play. (oh, what a twist!!)

    I, for some reason, quite enjoy to watch people playing Dead by Daylight for example. (twitch or whatever) I never played the damn thing myself save for a couple of games.

    Alien Isolation is an another case, i actually watched a whole "let's play" of the thing, loved it, i have the game BOTH on ps4 and pc...never beat it, almost never touched it.

    Alright, time to come forward and confess!!

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    Yeah, I've watched LPs of Dead by Daylight. Achievement Hunter has done some pretty funny episodes with that.

    I'll throw in GTAV. I tried it, eh, not really my thing. But, once again, love watching Achievement Hunter find ways to screw around (and screw each other over) in it.

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