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    THe GOP here in Ohio is all in on the Trump Train. In the JD Vance race He is being blasted by other GOP members and they are running ads where he bad mouthed and insulted Trump and claim he is not at all a real Republican or a Republican who will represent their values. Meanwhile JD Vance is trying to jump on the Trump train saying he deeply regrets those comments and Trump was a great President.

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    Quote Originally Posted by achilles View Post
    Well, the saga of the Western turned horror movie shoot Rust is turning even more messed up. Looks like it was a systemic failure due to a budget that was too low to safely shoot this movie. Members of the crew went plinking during lunch, and might have brought back live ammo to the set. The armorer was inexperienced and lacked confidence in her own abilities. The AD had been fired from a previous production for safety concerns, and there were serious complaints about his conduct on Rust. They both may face criminal liability, (the DA has said they have not ruled out criminal prosecution), as may Baldwin, (for negligence both as an actor for not confirming personally that the gun was safe, and for his role as executive producer).

    Sad affair all around, and not what the movie industry needs right now. Hopefully, Hollywood will do something to improve set safety...but I won't hold my breath, as Brandon Lee or Hexum or Vic Morrow should have already done it. Not to mention all the near deaths on other movies like Titanic or The Abyss, or the more recent death on that train bridge. And countless injuries on both TV and movie sets.
    I don't think this will be seen as a blight on the industry. The standards on this set were so low, even the members of the crew walked off. Reportedly, it's just not something you'd see on a typical shoot. It will interesting to see who exactly will be held legally responsible though.

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