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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainEurope View Post
    He has deleted the tweet, like a good Christian.
    He can delete it all he wants. The Internet will make sure it lives on forever and he should be pilloried from here until what is hopefully his eternal damnation.
    Beth Hart - Fire On The Floor CD Review

    Beth Hart February 23rd, 2017 Boston, MA Concert Review

    "I can't complain. I got to be Jim Morrison for the first half of my life, and Ward Cleaver for the second half." - Warren Zevon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4saken1 View Post
    I've noticed that this page has suddenly started taking significantly longer to load than other sites for me as well. Is it time for Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back?
    I noticed this as well.

    I also noticed the "thread viewing" numbers are looking much, much larger than usual.

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    The new thread is here. Please don't make this one any longer.

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