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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Mets View Post
    My argument was that Democrats step down until there's a political cost for their party.

    I'm not sure this counts, given that Hill put them in a situation where there were going to be political costs no matter what.

    A special election isn't quite the equivalent of a situation where the other party is guaranteed to take over, but it is a possibility. Granted, the other party is more likely to win, when a special election occurs due to some kind of scandal.

    There are political calculations that would affect the decisions. Democrats could figure that 1 of 435 congressional seats isn't that important in the grand scheme of things, and they thought 2020 would be an even better election than 2018, so that it would be better for the prospects of holding the seat if Katie Hill were not the incumbent.

    The Republican won the special election, and assumed office in May, so the party lost a seat for eight months.

    He's leading by about 400 votes from the latest election, which does suggest Democrats came really close to taking back the seat. I'm not sure it would have been better for them if a congressperson who had an affair with a younger subordinate were the incumbent, even if she wouldn't run for a second term.
    Seems like a pretty narrow set of criteria that you set in order for a Democratic resignation to actually be any indication of there being an alternate set of standards for the two Parties. IF they don't have a significant lead over Republicans in the number of seats they hold in their Congressional chamber, IF their length of time left in office is long enough, IF their seat either isn't a 'safe' one or alternately one that isn't guaranteed to go back to Republicans. Any other criteria you'd like to add before a Democratic resignation can mean anything with regards to this debate, or would you rather just wait and see if there are any other noteworthy cases so you can make up whatever bullshit standards that it doesn't meet for you on the spot?
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    Trump’s bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from reapportionment arrives at Supreme Court

    President Trump will swing for the fences in his last immigration legal battle at the Supreme Court, where he claims authority for the first time in the nation’s history to exclude undocumented residents when deciding the size of each state’s congressional delegation.

    Opponents of his plan say it is foreclosed by more than 200 years of practice, the text of the Constitution and the authority granted the president by Congress. Three lower courts have ruled against Trump, and a fourth said the time was not ripe for a decision on the question’s merits.

    But the president’s lawyers will tell the Supreme Court on Monday that it is up to the president to decide whether undocumented immigrants should be counted, a decision that could have far-reaching implications for a state’s representation in Congress and power in the electoral college, and for billions of dollars in federal funds.
    “The president need not treat all illegal aliens as ‘inhabitants’ of the states and thereby allow their defiance of federal law to distort the allocation of the people’s representatives,” acting solicitor general Jeffrey B. Wall wrote in the government’s brief to the court.

    “To the contrary, that an alien lacks permission to be in this country, and may be subject to removal, is relevant to whether he has sufficient ties to a state to rank among its ‘inhabitants.’ ”
    Trump’s opponents say his reapportionment intentions, announced in a July memorandum, are an extension of that. Legally, they say, his plan is directly contradicted by the Constitution’s requirement to base apportionment of the House of Representatives on “the whole number of persons in each state” as determined by the once-a-decade census.

    The constitutional mandates mean undocumented immigrants are included in that “whole number,” argues New York, one of the states challenging Trump’s intentions.
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    And now he has the votes on the Court to do it. I predict we see a 5-4 vote to screw the areas with large immigrant populations.
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