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    The other thing that made Trump look bad was he was pointing to people who had nothing to do with the debate, as they were not Trumps political opponent at the moment ( As in that article, how Biden beat the other dems and Trump going for Joes brother randomly.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERECWFAN1 View Post
    Perhaps the biggest blow to Trump's Hunter Biden debacle happened before and after the debate. As Politico explains Hunter Biden basically won the debate.

    Now here is THE BIG DEAL folks. After Trump paraded this guy in front of the media , when it came time after was a colossal fucking lie.

    Now either he conned Trump into this or Trump basically knew this was bullshit. This casts doubt even more over the entire Hunter Biden deal if someone like this can appear , claim he has evidence and when looked at...has nothing.
    At this point, I suspect that Trump simply believes his own lies and doesn't care about actual fact checking

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