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    Default Can planets believe in Afghans liking Scream, even if Afghans have no power?

    If the people of Afghanistan enjoy the Scream saga, can planets - whether populated or not - believe in Afghans supporting the saga even if the people of Afghanistan don't have a capitalist system?

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    How can a non populated planet support anything? I dont understand this question? Do they enjoy the Scream Saga? And if they do what does it matter what others believe about it? My dad cant believe that I love Family Guy so much. Doesnt stop me loving Family Guy from being a fact.

    A couple of odd questions. Reminds me of someone...
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    This is an incredibly cryptic question.
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    Is this a Mad Libs answer?
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    I honestly don't think planets care about human political philosophies, or their taste in movies.

    What was the point of this question? Is it some kind of Turing test that failed badly?

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    I have no idea how to respond, so I'm just going to post a silly gif of ghostface.

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