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    Looks like the nickname Benedict Donald is starting to get some traction.

    "Theory: The Phoenix doesn't corrupt the characters, it corrupts the authors." Gambit, King of Thieves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker View Post
    The digging up of past tweets, articles, interviews etc where a bad opinion was expressed is sort of getting out of hand.

    The idea that you are not allowed to grow, and move on from past transgressions, or bad opinions is ridiculous. Especially when these bad opinions aren't out of line with the common opinion at the time.

    Context is important. You can't expect George Washington to be Woke.
    Well, when Fox News et al apologizes for going after the (Dixie) Chicks then I’m prepared to listen about why it’s wrong for a business executive to resign for saying that women are precious petals to be protected by manly men. I’m pretty sure sexism wasn’t cool in 80s either.

    Also, George Washington was a jerk. Read Charles M. Blow in the times to understand how horrific slavery was.

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