Later, Chappelle likens the relationship between women and trans women to Black people and white people in blackface. His message is clear: trans women aren’t real women and there is no intersectionality between Blackness and the LGBTQ community. Both assertions are incorrect.

Focusing on ‘Dear White People’ Showrunner Ignores The Black Trans Women Who Will Suffer For Dave Chappelle’s Rhetoric
Moore, a transwoman, works for Netflix, the same streaming service that keeps providing a platform for Chappelle to recycle the same “jokes” he’s been peddling since 2017. And after a third special that has been deemed homophobic and transphobic, she shared that she can no longer work for the company “as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously transphobic content.” She made her resignation public in a Twitter thread.
yes, I'm sure that his target is just merely woke scolds. *eyeroll*

People will tell themselves anything.