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    Crooked foot


    I think the size of the pen I’m using is making my drawings all look somewhat chunky and puffy and thus I shall see if when I get a finer point pen if I can somewhat alleviate this problem. Anyway, I don’t draw or practice art on a regular basis and much more often play the guitar instead.

    I was imagining creating my own story/version of Batman and thus I tried creating concept art of a different suit he would have early on in the beginning and imagined a mixture of daredevil, black panther and metal gear solid. But I don’t know if I’m really altogether fond of them.

    (He’s supposed to be clinging to a wall with a spotlight coming near him but I didn’t finish it either.

    It’s so frustrating because my art is halfway close to being professional looking but fall short halfway near there
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    Whoa, I don't like how up close those photos are.
    Tepid and uninspired, hokey and wooden! ah! no but seriously, I've been spending all my time watching gangster films and thinks like that well mostly I've just gotten to Goodfellas, American Gangster and Departed and Scarface but I've also been reading about organized crime and the like just to gain a more thorough understanding of that aspect of the world.

    I was inspired by how even successful and wildly popular anime's having beginning and endings and thus I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to do a popular superhero with that kind of finality?" and then also I liked the Ultimate series as well. I love how anime stories often go into unexpected territory all of the time and have the settings and things change so much throughout. I thought it would be fun to do that with Batman since he's one of my favorite superheroes and I feel like DC is notoriously somewhat traditional with it's properties and they seem quite careful not radically change or make altercations to the characters and stories all too often even though there's a crazy amount of elsewhere tales where they do this.

    So I decided to do like starting with a Year one and two for sure but I'm not sure how the rest of the storylines would progress. But I wanted the organized criminal underworld to have more characterization and to be much more fleshed out so there would be gangs and syndicates each rivaling each other for turf and goods on a continual basis throughout. There would be the more long-standing and traditional old fashioned organized crime gangs and then there would be these newer and more brash and unpredictable variety that are becoming much more common and widely expected then the old fashioned criminals. I was imagining that the federal government is continually attempting to re-model and renovate Gotham city since it's this supposedly older with older architecture as well and they want to hugely renovate or demolish everything and build tons of strip malls and condominiums and gentrify half of the the city but this causes constant backlash and conflict where a large percentage except for the wealthy and government officials are okay with this idea and so they can't quite get it entirely approved but it's always a constant fear from the city that it'll be gentrified and they'll be pushed out of their neighborhood. I also imagined like other city areas, like there's not surprisingly "slum" type areas, but then there's one area that's so bad it's declared lawless and unsanctioned and is just barricaded and cut-off in many ways from the rest of the city almost and is surrounded by chain link fences with barbwire because it's considered so bad. I just really like the idea of like, this complex city that's full of crime and corruption and also fleshing out and giving more detail to all these possible gangs and syndicates that would exist in Gotham.

    I thought that Gotham would be the crime capital of this fictional city in America because of the specific way it's governed and it's inherent culture that it's the one place where all the criminals go, so there's always this major influx of crime leaving and going into the city but it's also a place of great influence, wealth and the economy itself is actually halfway good so there's always good social motility but it's unfortunately in large part due to the continual influx of crime propagated throughout the city. I was watching Dune and some Westerners and I thought that would be really cool to mix random things like that together, like I thought cowboy Westerns fit Batman a lot for some reason, at least thematically the way they're filmed and the types shots they use to tell the stories. I really like Dune a lot as well and was inspired a lot by it, and also Blade Runner (where the criminals are like rogue reploids that rebel against the innate programming of society and turn violent)

    There's some ideas I had that strayed from the regular character: I think that as well there would be large multinational corporations all competing for dominance in Gotham city with Wayne Industries so it's not the only conglomerate in Gotham, it's actually somewhat of a smaller business by comparison? I thought that at first Bruce Wayne isn't so exceedingly wealthy as well for various complicated reasons and would have to seize/re-gain control of the company later on since the board of directors and executives don't like him and he's not seeing the amount of money he's supposedly entitled too but Wayne Industries struggles to compete with the multinational corporations thus Wayne Industry resorts to this secret subsidiary of government co-funded protects to develop secret arms manufacturing that Bruce Wayne only later finds out about secret projects that where developed during WW2 but later withheld due to embezzlement of funds due to conflicting interests from the creators and manufacturers and developers.

    Also I like the idea of Gordon being younger like late 30s and things like that and show that he's like really disenchanted and beaten down by the system and can't really accomplish or achieve what he'd like to or something.

    Blade Runner...

    "he who controls the criminal element controls the world"
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