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    The final arc of Eclipse is beginning in March. I've finally caught up and am really looking to see how this one ends. The art has been really good and the writing is top notch! Anyone else been following this one?

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    I've had this in my pull list from the start and really enjoyed it throughout. I still have the last 3 issues I still need to read, but its a book I always enjoy sitting down with this book.

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    I started at Issue 10 then got my hands on all the back issues. But, I'd rather come to a series late than not at all! Have you checked out Kaplan's other Image book? It(Port of Earth) is really good too.

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    The final arc of Eclipse kicked off this week. I liked that they changed up the pacing from previous arcs, which usually had a slower start. This one kicks off quickly and doesn't slow down. It's going to be a neat finish!

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    Two issues of Eclipse left. This book is just an amazing read. Kaplan has an amazing sense of pacing and the art is solid!

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