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    Quote Originally Posted by AmiMizuno View Post
    Not really since all the Amazons were made from clay. There are even children amazons in Marston's. Diana and the other Amazons do say it's possible from training. Only one other Amazon is close to Diana Mala. Dc has never had that. How Diana could have almost lost. Mala could have also won. We saw that in Marston's. A lot of what we have is no one on the Island is near Diana's level.
    This only happened in the newspaper though and not in the actual comic book. I'd say its canon to Marston's vision, sure, but in the original story Wonder Woman is depicted as a sort of 'child of destiny' created by the Aphriodite. Also, in the newspaper story, are Amazons created as a sort of workshop process instead of through divine intervention?
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    Azzarello took her origin, something truly unique, as a being created of pure femininity, and made her Cassie Sandsmark.
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