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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. White View Post
    Fair. Hill did botch a few things early on in her career/appearance but has since became a great character. This of course is mainly due to Fraction's spectacular Invincible Iron Man run.
    Fraction's run is probably one of the few times she's depicted as both competent and as being enough of a good guy.

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    Straight trash despite the roster consisting of some of my favorite characters.

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    I really enjoyed it up to a point.
    " This is why you're the head of S.H.I.E.L.D, Stark. Because you're stronger than anyone. It's not the armor....and you know it. Your here because impossible things happen, and when they do, They call on you to deal with them. You see the angles, Tony. You always have. You see the possible solutions to things that shouldn't be happening." CAROL DANVERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberstrike View Post
    I thought when they started The New Avengers vol. 1 it was exactly what the team needed an all-star line up and after that too many pointless events, and new Avengers teams that seemed to be tripping over each other.
    You may be mixing the dates here. When Bendis took the Avengers, they were not the big thing in Marvel they would eventually become. There was a single Avengers team (the original West Coast Avengers ended many years before); the pet team of Marvel (the focus of crossover events and with several related teams) was the X-Men. As for the all-star line-up, let's remember that was just Spider-Man and Wolverine. Spider-Woman and Luke Cage were minor characters of decades before just rescued from oblivion (things worked fine for them and became important characters; but may have failed, as they failed for Sentry, who never got off the ground), and Captain America and Iron Man were not exactly hot stuff before the MCU.

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