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    Default Wonder Woman Icon or No.

    Wonder Woman is a stable character in the DC universe and suppose to be part of the Trinity Icons.why is it that DC has never given her the respect she and her family of Amazons deserve's meaning

    Superman'Family=Supergirl.Power Girl.Superwoman.Steel.Superboy.

    Batman's Family=Batgirl.Batwoman.Catwoman.The Huntress.Robin.Nightwing.Red hood.Batwing.Batman Beyond

    just to name a few have all had their own Ongoing however

    Troia.Wonder Girl.Nubia.Artemis.Fury.Grace Choi.Hessia.Queen Hippolyta not a one in ALLLLL the years of DC Comics has had their own Title.but through out the many years we've had such books as

    Ambush Bug.Anarky.Azrael.Aztek.Black Condor.Booster Gold.Damage.Firebrand.Manhunter.n even Vibe had an Ongoing for a I feel that Diana's sister should at least be given a chance in the spotlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warzon View Post
    Wonder Woman is a stable character in the DC universe and suppose to be part of the Trinity Icons.why is it that DC has never given her the respect she and her family of Amazons deserve's meaning
    They don’t know what to do with her because they just can’t put her in a Bat-family costume and be done with it.

    Which I feel some at DC also feel about Superman.
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    She’s had spotty readership over the years and that makes them think she’s not viable, but they also haven’t always allowed creatives the freedom to really explore her and her wondrousness.

    Diana, by design and nature, is a controversial character that’s built to question and challenge the status quo via wild adventures and fantastic characters and thrilling action... yet, when have we read anything remotely like that in the title lately?

    Diana is meant to push boundaries, but you have to understand that and be willing to go there with her in the stories in which she appears.

    I wish they’d be a little bolder with her in her own title and the Justice League, but then you’d really have to work hard to sort out how Diana would approach something and I guess it’s just easier to have her show up and swing a sword around.

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    I think a big reason for her spotty readership was the way she was handled by editorial. Pre-Crisis, creative teams didn't flock to the book because it was treated as a bit of a dud. Perez came along and showed how the right creative team could make WW into a top selling title. I feel like there is still a lot of interest there with readership but, even with the best creative teams, they've suffered from editorial such as tie-in storylines, rotating creative teams and seemingly endless revamps. How about keeping a writer long enough to create some momentum on the book?

    Far as the Wonder-family, I feel like the last volume of Sensation Comics was a missed opportunity there. It could have been used to showcase characters, such as issues spotlighting supporting cast or, showcase female heroes like a WW Worlds Finest with WW teaming up with other female heroes. How cool would that be to see a WW /Vixen team up or WW/ Hawkgirl story. I would totally buy that book.

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    The issue is the fact many Writers keep going back to who is Wonder Woman. They also go and not understand the core of her character. They even make her violent or do something else. Many writers can writer her well but others miss the mark

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