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    Default Wonder Woman #755 Preview

    Donna is rescuing civilians when the the Horsewomen approach her. It seems like they want to try and recruit her. She recognizes Devastation. We know from solicits Donna and Diana are going to team up and fight against them so I'm not too worried. Hope we get some answers on Donna's origin.

    Meanwhile Diana speaks to class of children(bringing up the the Bana's new origin story in the progress). Afterwards she's abducted by Helen.

    We also get some details about the Bana's origins and frankly I'm not too thrilled with the alterations. So their founder was Alcippe(not Otrera?) who was the previous queen to Hippolyta and she and her followers left the island after feeling betrayed by the gods? I rather they'd just kept the Perez origin with the role of their leader being moved to Hippolyta's other sister Penthesilea to accommodate Wilsons usage of Antiope.
    end of spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemisfanboy View Post
    That non-variant cover is rough. Can't imagine it flying off the shelves. Its not the depiction of the title character in hard times that's off putting as much as it's done without eye catching style. And that should be the point of a cover. Interiors are a lot better and the story looks promising. Always good to see Donna.

    The bit about Diana preaching the Themiscyran precepts to school children reminds me of the scene from the WONDER WOMAN animated movie with the little girl in the park learning to use a sword and then going to play with the boys.

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    Is Diana in an outfit intentionally reminiscent of Lynda Carter in the Roy Rogers episode of the TV show? If so, I approve. :-)

    Devastation’s comment about how far Donna has sunk...nice meta commentary!
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    I'm looking forward to this. I wonder if Jesus Merino is purposely drawing Donna to look quite similar to Diana because under his pencil, they certainly do. I wonder what's up with Armegeddon? She looked much more bulky and monstrous when we saw her last, Now she looks like an ordinary human.
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