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    Default Your PATHETIC break up stories?

    What are some of your tragi-comic break up stories? Sometimes there's NO line between humour and heartbreak.

    As for me it would be the time my girlfriend just didn't have anything to say to each other anymore. We hadn't spoken to each other in weeks. One morning there was a buzz on my intercom while I was sleeping, by the time I got dressed and went to look for her downstairs she was gone. Her car was there. I placed a bag full of her leftover stuff and gave her car a good wash. I was too confused (and cowardly) to know what to say any more. I waited around for a couple of hours and left. Yeah, I could have handled this better. Some guys verbally and visually abuse their girlfriends, some end up killing them. Not me. It could have been worse.

    and YOU?

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    You certainly are right to not be the kind of guy to be rude during or after a break-up. Cleaning her car though? That's too nice.

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    You took a real weird turn at the end there...

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    She wasn’t good with communication. So I left. Simple as that. Time is way too precious to waste.
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    Broke up with a girl on a Saturday. Don't remember what happened.

    Sunday she showed up unannounced at my house. I was taking out garbage in the boiler room of my parents basement building (6 floor apt building). I happen to look over my shoulder to see her standing there with the saddest face imaginable.

    I gently & thoughtfully put down my shovel, took her by the hand & said sweetly to her, "come with me please". Led her up the stairs from the boiler room straight out to the front door. Closed the door & went back to my parents to inform them to never allow her back in.

    Then I went to take out the rest of the garbage.

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