Hi guys

This is another topic about Batman: The Animated series, albeit a less cringy one and aimed towards the much better first two seasons of the show.

In "Mudslide", Clayface steels some chemicals that will help him control his dying body and become human again.

At the end off the episode, Batman stops the process and acts more like a jerk than a hero, even though he knows that Hegan is dying and this process is saving his life. I'm looking for a good debate here, do you think that Batman was actually the villain in that episode?

This is my opinion, in a way I think he was. Yes, Hegan is a criminal and Batman should stop him. But he knew that this experiment could have saved his life, and he could capture him after the experiment is finished, and if he had any concerns about this experiment he could have at least tried to talk it over with him regardless if Hegan was willing to talk or not. Even if Hegan got more powerful after the experiment I'm sure he could find a way to stop him. Not to mention the psychological trauma that Hegan's friend probably went through after the incident.

To me this was the first episode in the animated universe that showed how this version Bruce can be a jerk.

Sure, hegan does survive and become a bigger jerk due to a certain incident in the third season but this is about if Batman was right to let Hegan die without trying to convince him that what he was about to do might be dangerous instead of taking the risk and give him another chance and then arrest him

What do you guys think?

Now so that you guys know, I love this animated series, it's one of my favorites. But this episodes raised questions that I thought it could be a good topic for a debate.