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    Default BATMAN '66 universe: first adventure and early days?

    When the BATMAN TV series premiered in 1966, Batman and Robin were already quite well-established. The debut episode was not an origin story: Batman and Robin already had their costumes, equipment, rogues gallery, and reputations as sterling crimefighters set for quite some time. Subsequent episodes also did not bother exploring how it all came together.

    The BATMAN '66 comic book also did not explore the early days of the Batman and Robin portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward on TV. We know that the basics of the origins were the same: Bruce Wayne swore to fight crime after witnessing his parents being murdered by criminals. Many years later, an adult Bruce adopted Dick Grayson, whose circus acrobat parents were also murdered by criminals, and the two began to fight crime together as Batman and Robin. I do wonder, however, what the early days (pre-show) for this version of the Dynamic Duo were like. Did Batman start out alone, or was Robin with him from the very first outing? Was he more of the grim, lone avenger in the early days (assuming that Robin didn't join until later)? Were the costumes the same as on the TV series during the early days? What was the YEAR ONE equivalent like for the '66 Batman?

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    The Batman '66 comic showed that Batman and Robin did have earlier versions of their costumes that were the prototype versions used in the screen tests for the series

    I guess if you count the crossovers canon, Batman '66 meets Wonder Woman '77 shows Bruce still goes through the "falls into a hole and scared by bats" event.

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    I read the Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 crossover, and I vaguely seem to recall something resembling the original Bob Kane 'Bat-Man' costume in a display case in the Batcave. So I'm guessing that Batman's early adventures in the '66 verse were similar to the Golden Age - he was more of a grim avenger of the night, until Robin came along, at which point he steadily started to mature into the heroic and paternal figure we see throughout most of the Golden Age and Silver Age comics, as well as the show.

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