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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuwagaton View Post
    Jim Lee does that so well, especially with Snyder. For Tomorrow looked about as good.

    I spent a good bit of time this morning thinking about the battles that define his skill set. He probably wins by TKO or a Plan B more often than he fights to the finish. Of the KO wins, it's either swarming with several big and hard punches or biding his time for a quick one hit. His heralded powers set half of everyone up for a possum tactic.

    Head on I guess it usually comes down to relatively powerful opponents. Romita though, I think broke the mold with his Year One fight against the soldiers on the beach.

    I'll always wish Breyfogle got in because he was the best in comics.
    Lee's art is perfect for big sprawling action setpieces. He captured the scope of the Superman vs Wraith fight and For Tomorrow has some of the best looking Superman fights in comics.

    Despite his immense power, Clark doesn't often win by punching the villain out, at least if they're a villain like Parasite or Metallo. I agree he has to be more creative in how he beats them. The most recent 'victory' I can think of where Superman punches the bad guy out would be The World Forger in Justice League #25. It was a hell of a punch too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lvenger View Post
    It would be interesting if Clark used more wing chun or aikido techniques in his fights, but the fact is like Kuwagaton mentioned, Can I ask why you selected the Naruto/Sasuke vs Momoshiki fight from Boruto as an example of how Superman should fight? It's an interesting choice and I'm curious why you think this could fit Clark's style of combat.
    Well, for one superman is an alien.The character has senses that are basically like byakugan. He barely has blind spots. Him getting overwhelmed by his senses is more of a danger. Superman also likes to focus his senses and hone his attacks so that there is less damage to his surroundings . That's basically what the hyuga's are known for with their tenketsu strikes. I picked momoshiki cause a standard hyuga doesn't fly, have that level of speed or strength. Superman is sorta like an otsutsuki. Those attacks in new krypton were similar to palms strikes and wingchun punches used by these guys. I am fairly certain superman can use nerve strikes and attack weak points with precision with his senses. But, i would want the opponent to come back as well. It's a dance. you are only as strong as you partner. Also i would have added a couple of impact shockwaves, just for effect. Finally, superman largely likes to box, grapple, push.. Etc. Kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes are less likely from the guy. So momoshiki or over powered hyuga fight movements make sense for superman to me. Also, superman can see aura and stuff with his eyes as well(birthright) . Essentially, superman's senses are very interesting to me.

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