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Like with comicsgate-folks were minding their own business and got attacked nonstop. They did what you said and it didn't work.
[examples, examples, examples]
Why should they be allowed to attack stuff they have no interest in but have issues with POC, LGBTQ & women doing ANYTHING?
Let's be clear, I'm not saying it's okay (on any level), I'm saying it's a reality of the world. And until those in-charge (either of the law, or whoever runs Twitter, Instagram, reddit, Facebook, etc) start doing something to punish online hate, the reality is: it happens. We can't stick our heads in the sand about it. So I say to them: either get off social media, or grow tough skin. These are the options. It sucks but that's the world. I do not begrudge any of them who leave social media, I get it, mental well being is important. But it's avoidable, if needed.