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    Default Dragonball Super or How Power Scaling Matters

    Dragonball Super - mostly great Animation - great Soundtrack - better than GT - and absolutely horrible in regards to powerscaling.

    Goku/Vegeta after 7 years of training between the Cell and Buu Arc managed to increase their power from weaker than Perfect Cell to weaker than Fat Buu, yet in DBS weaker characters surpass this achievement thousands of times, in a shorter amount of time, with either no explanation at all, or a ridiculous one.

    Goku/Vegeta got the God Ki that made them much stronger than in DBZ and a new SSJ Transformation, so their progress is somewhat believable. Yet characters like Frieza, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Android 17 ect who didnt get this boost, still manage to be somewhere around their Level. Not to mention all the new enemies that are close to their power despite having no God Ki.

    Now Power scaling is - by far - not the most important aspect of a series - but it is not unimportant either. In case of DBS its so bad though, that it hampers the enjoyment of the series.

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    Didn't you create this exact topic a month or two ago?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy_McNichts View Post
    Didn't you create this exact topic a month or two ago?
    Your link does lead me to the Homepage. If I did make a similar thread 2 months ago, people who dont want to join the discussion can ignore it. It was not my intention to grave dig.

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