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    Hello there,
    I am a big Star Wars fan love the movies and I am interested in the comics but have no idea where to start. Would anyone be able to provide some assistance in where is best to begin. Any ideas on where to get a bundle of comics, I don't mind second hand or new but would much prefer a physical copy.
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    The best answer is to start wherever you feel the most comfortable. If something looks good then pick it up. Plenty has been released and collected in trade with Marvel having gone and reprinted the older Darkhorse content though you can find Darkhorses own out in the wild.

    A lot of them tend to be pretty good with my recommendations being the Darth Vader books, Son of Dathomir, Poe Dameron, Tie Fighter, and Target Vader. Though really you can start anywhere.
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    The core Star Wars books that Marvel rebooted is a few years back is a good starting point (Star Wars, Darth Vader &, Dr. Aphra) is a good place. If you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited most of them are included with it!
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    Marvel pretty much launched their new comic line in 2014, when they pretty much started to role out the new continuity.

    Marvel's first run (1977-1986) and Dark Horse's long run (1991-2013) are no longer in continuity (With one or two exceptions like "Son of Dathomir") but do feature some pretty good comics among them.

    Marvel has generally reprinted or made digitally available all the earlier stuff as well.

    As noted the SW main title, DV and Aphra are the 'core' titles and are set around the OT time period for the most part (Although the second Vader series is set between the trilogies). There have also been several miniseries and one-shots usually focused on one character, and they deal with all eras. Marvel has also published movie adaptations of the Disney films.

    A new set of comics/novels etc is coming out soon, "The High Republic" which will take place during the golden age of the Republic and Jedi, a few centuries prior to the movies.

    There was a Poe Dameron comic that lasted for a few years and is mostly about his activity just before, during, and after TFA with a bit of TLJ thrown in, such as his search for Lor San Tekka.

    A great deal of the Star Wars stuff Dark Horse published mainly tied in with the Expanded Universe of the time which is no longer canon (although certain elements have been 'reworked' to fit the new materials).

    Among them:

    Dark Empire (1991)-Deals with Luke facing off against a resurrected Emperor (sound familiar?) and also falling to the dark side himself. Dated, but still an interesting read especially given the direction the films went.

    X-wing Rogue Squadron (1994-1997?) A prequel of sorts to Michael Stackpole's novel series about the Rebellion's elite squadron after the Battle of Endor.

    Star Wars Republic (1999-2006 I think) Comic that dealt with the prequel era, including the Jedi Quinlan Vos (Who has also been reworked into the new canon) but also Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace and the other Jedi. The Clone Wars issues are particuarly good, although they tell a somewhat different story of the war than the CG series did (No Ashoka, although Ventress is around). This was later followed by "Dark Times" and the "Purge" series which dealt with Jedi trying to survive post-Order 66. In addition, there was "Empire" and "Rebellion" which told tales set during the OT.

    Tales of the Jedi-Set of epic miniseries dealing with the earlier Jedi/Sith wars. Set thousands of years before the movies.

    Knights of the Old Republic-Also set thousands of years earlier, but created because of-and as a partial prequel to-the video game series. Also more light-hearted, somewhat similar in tone to the cartoon "Rebels" in a few ways.

    There were also several Darth Vader comics towards the end, the most acclaimed being "The Ghost Prison". This might've given Marvel some of the idea to continue that trend. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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