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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunch of Coconuts View Post
    OZ:T was pretty great, actually (IMO of course), only having read the two main X-titles + GenX.

    Speaking of which, you should really read Generation X up till Hama takes over. If you like that, skip Hama and give Faerber a go (didn’t like myself, but it has some good points to it), and then stop when he leaves the title; the Ellis/Wood reboot sucked and will likely just piss you off.
    I am waiting until Marvel starts collecting Gen X in some physical format...I know they started years ago with the classics, but then stopped. But Gen X is one I am definitely interested in reading, especially after Phalanx Covenant.

    Thank you everyone for your input! I may try some Seagle/Kelly issues digitally.

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    the Ellis/Wood reboot sucked and will likely just piss you off.
    Anything with the Counter X logo on it needs to be ignored.

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    The X-line after AoA was (mostly) still a good read. If anything the whole general premise seemed more streamlined after AoA, excluding Excalibur of course which was always off doing its own thing. Looking back it held up really well. Quite honestly the big turning point in the X-line was right after Eve Of Destruction. The line no longer retained it's classic feel and despite some good runs, has struggled since then overall. Of course, that could also be me just growing up into an adult with actual adult responsibilities around that point as well.

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    Onslaught has some fantastic art and moments, it's all collected including the build up that began with X-Men prime once AoA ended.

    I re read these runs a lot because until the Hickman era the X-men sucked for years and these stories were during the glory years for me, Kubert, Pacheco, joe Mad, Bachalo, Kelly, Lobdell, Waid, Seagle, Larroca and more.

    These trades are worth grabbing in this order and begin after AoA.

    X-men Road to onslaught Vol 1-3
    X-Men Onslaught Vol 1-4
    X-Men Onslaught aftermath
    X-Men trial of Gambit
    X-Men Operation Zero Tolerance
    X-Men Gold Vol 0
    X-Men Blue Vol 0
    X-Men Hunt for Xavier
    X-Men Magento War
    X-Men the shattering
    X-Men the twelve
    X-Men ages of apocalypse
    X-Men powerless
    Avengers/X-Men Maximum Security
    X-Men Eve of Destruction

    That should bring you to Morrison's which I dislike so no idea where you go from there.

    Some other trades I like during this time outside the main X-men comics include

    Wolverine - The dying game
    Wolverine - Shadow of apocalypse
    Classic Deadpool by Joe Kelly Vol 1-3
    Excalibur by Warren Ellis - Vol 1-3
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    Count me as another that really enjoyed Bishop: the Last X-Man. Solid 12 or 13 issues.

    -Pav, who wishes it got more attention...
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    The time between AOA and Onslaught was when I quit reading. It was that bad.

    Kelly/Seagle run is pretty great and underrated, though. Operation Zero Tolerance has its moments. Road Trip X-Force is awesome.

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    I remember actually liking the short lived Maverick and Quicksilver series back then. Maverick became a fav only to you know get lost in limbo.

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