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    Quote Originally Posted by Robanker View Post
    Mini series. You can supercut it for the die hards, but making it into a film which takes most adults' entire night is going to ensure it has zero impulse watch appeal. It will only garner the attention of people who were going to watch it anyway.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing nice to say about Snyder's films, but I objectively believe that that's too long. As an kid, three hours was fine for a movie. Even four.

    At 30, anything over two hours has to be earned. Big ensemble movies like these get some extra leeway, but four hours? Come on, man.
    Big ole "same here, man".

    I usually avoid anything over 2 hours long. There's only so much time to devote to watching a flick.

    It's not THE RETURN OF THE KING, you can wrap it up in under 3.
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