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    Default Comic Book Collecting/Reading Pattern

    I started collecting comics in March 2019 and I started with the biggest DC event: Crisis on Infinite Earths. Since then I've understood how important crisis comics are so I've stuck with the crisis comics. E.g. Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis. My next cross is Final Crisis. After reading the crisis comics my plan is to fill in the blanks by collecting other comics that have been published between the crisis event. Is this a good idea?

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    Kind of. You will know the important events that help shape the universe and history, but you probably won’t be informed for the most part of who the characters are in those stories or their status quo. Like you said you read identity crisis and infinite crisis but did you really understand who the characters were involved besides what the story told you? I’m just imagining going in blind to big events is all.

    Not to mention if you are just picking up events with the name crisis you might be skipping over other really good event stories, like Blackest Night.

    However if it works for you go for it. Like you said you can always go back and fill in the blanks for any story you read.
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    Personally id just whatever runs, writers, or characters interest you and go to the crisis series later.

    You could read a huge chunk of DC without ever having to read their events.

    Its probably going to depend on which characters you want to read tho. If you want to read swampthing or doom patrol or hitman or whatever.. then just read those. If you just want a good superman story just read that. But if you want to see what shapes the evolution of say superman or flash then i guess you cant avoid crises.

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    Everyone is different when it comes to comics you like.

    For me, I'm more of a 'group' collector. All my collections focus on groups of super heroes: Justice League of America, Legion of Super Heroes, New Teen Titans, Justice League International/America/Europe, All Star Squadron, L.E.G.I.O.N. '89-'93, Kingdom Come, JSA, etc...

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