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    Default Top 10 Greatest Justice League Creators of All Time - Newsarama

    Newsarama lists their top 10 Justice League creators of all time.

    Even though I'm posting this, I MUST criticize a list that doesn't include writers Len Wein and Steve Englehart. But the most ridiculous oversight is artist Dick Dillin who drew over 120 issues of the book during the 70s and early 80s.

    Also, Giffen & Co should be much higher.

    10. Brad Meltzer
    9. Gerry Conway
    8. Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
    7. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee
    6. Dwayne McDuffie
    5. Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire
    4. Alex Ross
    3. Mark Waid
    2. Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky & Julius Schwartz
    1. Grant Morrison & Howard Porter

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    With all the hype I half expected Zack Snyder to make the list...

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    Conway should definitely be higher on the list.
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    I am coming to realize how much I agree with Dwayne McDuffie on the list, I am currently re-watching Justice League Unlimited and I am floored by how good that show is... Never-mind putting some of the best Justice League ideas on the screen, the show manages to put some of the best comic book ideas from the page to the sceen. I love how they use Amanda Walker and Cadmus. Actually that might be my favorite use of Cadmus and the whole return of the Super Friends, so good! I see moments that remind me of the great Authority or Ultimates comics from the time. I am going to see season 2 and then work backward through the whole Justice League Animated series.

    Dick Dillin is on my list, he really is to the Justice League what Curt Swan was to Superman, in my comic collection at least. I would put Howard Porter, Dick Dillin, Grant Morrison, Gardner Fox, Len Wein, Dwayne McDuffie, Alex Ross, Mike Sekowsky, Darwyn Cooke, and then I need to do some homework. For some reason I remember Steve Englehart more on Batman and The Avengers then I do the Justice League. I do want to say George Perez because he did a great New Gods JSA crossover. (I can't believe there won't be a 3rd Justice League Omnibus out in books!)

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    Meltzer? They must've run out of creators.

    Glad to see Fox at least made it to #2, considering he made the JLA.

    Also glad to see Giffen & DeMatteis get recognized for their contributions, even if DC chooses to forget that era.

    I also would've liked to have seen Conway higher on the list. I guess people's opinion of JLDetroit bring him down a bit.

    I agree that Dillin should've been listed.
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