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    Default D&D Expansion "Book of Fiends" Update

    All these Dungeons & Dragons updates are clearly passionate endeavors, for folks to come up with kickstarter campaigns for them.

    I didn't even know that there's a difference between "demons" and "devils", lol. Wild. What sort of campaigns do people have involving these sorts of characters?

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    Green Ronin publishes a lot of solid material. I've always been more into their original game systems like AGE over their Dungeons And Dragons 5e material, but I'm glad that the open game license allows them the alternative stream of revenue. I can see people using this book to expand upon the Descent Into Avernus book from Wizards of the Coast.

    Yeah, the difference between Demons and devils isn't always immediately clear without investigation. Rule of thumb is that Demons are chaotic, and just want to ruin everything. Devils are more lawful, they have plans and usually try to strike up deals to their benefit.
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