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    Default Was Jakku originally intended to be a moon of Endor?

    The Death Star II wreckage was originally going to be in "The Force Awakens" and on a general "Junk planet" which eventually became Jakku. (Making it a desert world similar to Tatooine I think didn't happen until later on).

    Makes me wonder if the space junk in this version was originally going to be from the Battle Of Endor, and not from a separate battle which was apparentally the Empire's true final defeat (As shown in the Battlefront games and some novels).

    Kef Bir of course had the Death Star II wreckage in ROS, and was pretty much revealed to be another moon of Endor where the wreckage drifted to instead of the Forest moon (and also putting to rest a fan theory that the wreckage had landed on the moon and killed the Ewoks). We do of course see the forest moon-it seems to briefly appear when they arrive at Bir, and then we get the Ewoks later on celebrating the Star Destroyer being destroyed (Which wasn't there when Rey and co. arrived-I'm guessing it stopped by later to drop off Kylo or to wait for the Sith destroyer to arrive-ditto with the ones near Bespin, Jakku etc).

    So I'm kind of curious if they intended for that to be the case. Also, kind of curious why Rey was checking out the DSII wreckage in the concepts for TFA. In a way, ROS's wayfinder is a macguffin similar to TFA's-a map, so maybe it was some version of what eventually became the map to Luke, before Abrams decided to make it more ANH-style by giving the map to BB8. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    A lot of times concept art is made before an artist really has any idea of what's going on. Basically some general explorations of an idea or given a simple concept and to run with it. In the case of the Death Star 2 wreckage what I can find was that it was an early exploration of the scavenger character who'd be looking for scrap or that the characters would have to seek out Palpatine's throne room for something. Whether or not this was Jakku it's worth noting that oftentimes artists are told things like "it looks like a stealth-bomber" or "this place is really dry" and the artist has to make this idea into something tangible because they're paid to do what the writers and VFX people don't want to think about. Concept art is used to eventually hone in on a look or concept so the early art is very likely trying to communicate who Kira (eventually Rey) is doing. This ultimately becomes the sequence on Jakku.

    It is worth noting though that the early "Jedi Killer" character did have Vader's melted helmet (implying he would've been to Endor) as a Mcguffin at one point but with as many script revisions as can happen in filming the point of it being ultimately was to narrow down who the Jedi Killer was. Without seeing an early script it's not clear if Endor ever was going to be shown in TFA.
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