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    Default Mini Martial Artist Tournament

    Inspired by Tami's own mini tournament, I'm doing my own, this one being themed around Martial Artists.

    The rules are simple: Pick any character who is normally identified as a Martial Artist*, and that's who you get for this tournament.

    Characters will have their physical stat's equalized, as I'd like this to be based more on Skill and Techniques.

    They will be non-bloodlusted but given sufficient motivation to compete to their fullest.

    Battles will take place in the World Martial Arts Arena from Dragonball, and victory can be obtained via Knock-Out, Surrender, Pinfall, or Ring-Out

    I'm shooting for 8 competitors, but if there is sufficient interest I will expand to 16.

    1. KJS- Val Armorr
    2. Darth Drizzile- Jin Mo-Ri
    3. Jackalope89- Master Roshi
    4. Nik Hasta- Kenshiro
    5. French Gemini- Shio Sakaki
    6. The Dog- Samurai Jack
    7. Choptop- Chang Koehan
    8. Nschornhorst- Po the Panda

    *Pro-Wrestlers count
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