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    Default Paranormal Liberation Front VS Karma Abyss

    Like it says on the tin.

    The Paranormal Liberation Front(My Hero Academia) is holed up in the former Re-Destro base. BUT, instead of an army of paid heroes coming to suppress them? Principal Nezu has gone to the Khazan to recruit a "specialist" so that his side doesn't take any losses(and the PLF takes total losses) He hires the ancient dragon and now full-time single mother...Karma Abyss!

    Karma Abyss:


    No, these aren't all her feats. She's got more, like:

    -Timestops without cooldowns or duration limits.

    -Carries a spiked club(attributes unknown)

    -Is constantly downloading some sort of "divine knowledge," including information from the metaverse(our world) She also downloaded a spell that gave her son's sword the ability to cut through mountains. She seems to be becoming omniscient, and is still evolving according to her teacher Chiquita.

    -Can create from nothingness(which is how she builds homes for her family)

    -She's actually immortal.

    -And quite a few more.

    Now. The PLF wins if enough of them can survive to rebuild the organization. They lose if Karma either sends them all into permenant voluntary exile, or eradicates the lot of them.

    How does this one go?
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    Soooo if she has Za Warudo like you said, what's stopping her from just time stopping and killing everyone?
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