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mutants have always been more hated than the "heroes." comes with the territory but cyclops is much more likeable these days thanks to Hickman and all the stuff he was hated for it's like it never even happened.
I thought he was generally likable all throughout his history. Idk the only time i really disliked him was the maddy pryor thing.
When he started getting colder and more extreme it was well developed from the apocalypse bonding after effects

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No, when Xavier and the Avengers attacked him that made him increasingly unstable until he finally couldn't control himself and inadvertently killed him. The trauma of killing Xavier made him go full Dark Phoenix. It was like trying to deal with the Hulk by shooting him with a tank, you are only going to make him madder.

Cyclops was in fact the most stable of all the P5, just when Xavier and the Avengers arrived he was arguing with Emma because she wanted to burn the whole Earth and start from scratch and he was refusing to do so. He also opposed Colossus, Magik, Emma, and Namor when they proposed using deadly force against the Avengers, he made them heal Hawkeye.

Cyclops was only full Dark Phoenix in the last issue, before it was starting to get corrupted but not quite yet. The thing is, they should know that dealing with the Phoenix like this was the worst possible solution. ou don't confront a person with power he can't control by making him feel cornered and attacked.
yes youre' correct my bad on that